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1/2" Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mat Kits Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.5 / 5
1/2" Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mat Kits
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$245.99 Mat
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mat $327.99
Customer Rating 4.5 / 5

Customer Questions

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Do the mats come in different sizes. Can they be cut?
Our 1/2" Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mats come in 4 sizes. If these sizes do not work for your application you can cut these mats with a sharp utility knife.
Is this waterproof for dog urine? Or does liquid go through the interlock sections?
The 1/2" Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mats are water resistant but not waterproof. The tiles do interlock very tightly but if liquid is left at the seam of the tiles for a period of time, liquid can get through. These tiles are non-porous, so no liquids will get in the tiles making them great for doggy day cares and kennels.
Is the diamond top dog kennel mats ok for outside. I live in Las Vegas and want to make a landing pad for my dog when she plays fetch.
Andrea Maloney
Our 1/2" Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mat Kits can be used outdoors. These tile kits are made of rubber which is mold and mildew resistant. These tiles are also non-porous, which means they are water resistant and will not allow for water or other liquids get in the floor. The only thing you will notice is that the flooring is not UV stable and will fade in direct sunlight.
I am looking for a mat to be used against our fence where my dog likes to sit a lot and he has worn the grass away so he gets muddy when it rains. However, I live in Southeast Texas so, it's very sunny and gets quite hot. I need a mat that won't get so hot and burn my dogs paws. Does your mat stay cool in the sun? Thank you.
Our 1/2" Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mat Kits are black and only come in black. This means they will get hot in direct sunlight. To keep them cool, we recommend spraying them with water every half hour to and hour during the hottest part of the day.
Are they chew proof?
Nothing is really chew-proof, but our 1/2" Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mat Kits are a very durable product and will be able to withstand a dog chewing on the floor a bit if they were to get a corner.
I am concerned with urine getting between the interlocking tiles. I am purchasing for my elderly dog who has frequent accidents, so I am wondering if you have another product that might be better, such as a rubberized roll-out floor instead of tiles? Also, does the product have a strong rubber odor? Thank you kindly.
Linda J Geer
Our 1/2" Diamond Top Dog Kennel Mat Kits interlock very tightly, preventing urine from getting between and under the tiles. We do offer a number of rubber roll products, but depending on the size of the are, you may still end up with seams. If you are concerned about the seam, we would recommend adding some seam sealer glue to the seam to ensure there is no separation of the mat. These mats do have an odor to them that can be strong. You can mitigate some of the smell by mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution, but there will still be a rubber smell to the mats.
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