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Coin Grid-Loc Tiles™ Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Coin Grid-Loc Tiles™
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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I have a basement that gets wet during heavy rains. It does have two floor drains, so standing water is not a problem. I'm thinking about using the coin grid-loc tiles. My question is would these tiles be suitable for this application. Is the bottom designed so water will flow freely underneath the tiles to the drains. It looks like it would but I'm not sure. Thanks.
Our Coin Grid-Loc tiles would perfectly in your basement. These tiles do allow water to flow underneath the floor. So the water would flow to your drains with ease. If water does get on the surface of the tiles, you will want to try and clean it up as quickly as you can. Water on the tiles could create a slip hazard.
I have a covered concrete porch that doesn't look great; there's a 1/4" crack that's about 2 feet long. Could I use these tiles on my porch? Would what I do about the edge?
You can use our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles on your porch. For the edge, you can use the beveled corners and edges to create a finished floor.
Since this material is hard plastic, am I going to have a problem with my wife and I slipping on the surface? Could this be dangerous on my garage floor?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles are ver slip resistant due to the coin pattern on the surface of the tiles. This tile would not be dangerous as your new garage floor.
I have a 24 ft (length) by 18 ft (wide) garage. Looking at buying the coin grid-to tiles, and I have not put one of these in before, so I am trying to determine on the entrance into the garage how do I determine whether I need female vs. male edging.
We recommend when putting in our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles or any of our garage tiles that you would use our female edging at the entrance to your garage. But in reality, you can use either the male or female edging. Why we recommend using the male side at the front and left side of a garage is because once you get to the other side, you will have to cut on the back and right side of your garage. It would be a pain to have to cut three different sides of your garage to get your new flooring in. This set up will be the most efficient for most installs.
Could you use these tiles in a commercial kitchen?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles are a hard plastic tile and would not provide the proper slip resistance in a commercial kitchen environment. These tiles are also very hard, so they will not give you any anti-fatigue properties. If a coin pattern is what you are looking for, we do have that same pattern in an anti-fatigue mat. It is our Bubble Sof-Tred. This mat would work great in a commercial kitchen environment.
What is recommended to be put under the tiles to eliminate sound and keep all moisture from reaching floor.
We recommend placing a rubber underlayment underneath our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles to help to deaden the sound the tiles can make when walked or driven over. Water will still get under the tiles, but it will collect on the surface of the underlay. The product we recommend is our 2mm Shock Pad.
I own a custom rod shop I'm looking for something to use on the flooring that will support the weight of a car on a jack and or jack stands without ripping or taring. Will the tiles work?
We do not recommend placing jacks or jack stands on our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles. Because the amount of force placed in one area under a jack is great, the tile will start to indent and crack under the pressure. We recommend placing the jack and jack stands on concrete and placing the flooring around them.
Is there any problem putting them in a garage floor that can get to 105 degrees? We live in the desert and the garage faces South.
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles have been installed in all parts of the country. The only issue that may arise is when only part of the floor gets sun. You may see some buckling in that area which will subside once the sun goes down. To prevent this, we recommend keeping your garage door closed during peak sun hours and making sure you have and expansion gap around your floor.
I have a 800lb safe, would the tiles be able to hold that weight without damaging them?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles would be able to hold an 800lb safe. They are meant to hold the weight of a car which is typically 2500 lbs. These tiles also have a load bearing capacity of over 250lbs per square inch.
Sir, My garage is over 35 years old. Its concrete and pitted and rough from years of salt. I'm retired and money is always and issue. Will your product work over a rough floor like this or should I get it repaved? I'm trusting your honesty. Thank you
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles are a floating floor and can be installed over subfloors that are not perfect. If the floor doesn't have too many bad pits in it, your install should go smoothly, and the floor should perform as stated. If there are some major pits that fall where the floor interlocks, then you will nee to fill those in. If that is not possible, you can go with our Nitro Rolls which are better over floors with a lot of imperfections.
Do you think I can use it for open deck (subjected to sun,rain, snow)Will I need vented tiles too ?
For this type of application we would recommend using tiles specifically recommended for outdoor use such as our outdoor tiles, drainage tiles or composite decking tiles.
My garage is uninsulated, will this floor get as cold as the concrete underneath?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles are made of a hard plastic and will get as cold as the concrete underneath.
Best way to clean oil or transmission fluid spill off Grid-Loc diamond tiles?
Gus Petras
The best way to clean any spill or dirt off our Coin Grid-Loc or any Grid-Loc Tiles is to use a mild soap and water solution and hose.
Our garage floor is 65 years old. Needless to say it is not in the best shape. Do we need to have a level surface to put down these tiles? Thank you
We recommend installing our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles over a solid, flat surface such as concrete, plywood, asphalt, or the like. If your subfloor is not perfectly flat, that is ok. If you have mild slopes in your garage, that is ok, but if there are major peaks and divots throughout your floor, you may have to level it. The tiles will not properly interlock if there is a peak where the tiles will interlock. When there is a divot, the tiles may not stay together well if they interlock over the divot. Any pressure may cause the tiles to separate.
Can this product be used on an outdoor patio?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles can be used as flooring on an outdoor patio. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant and would be able to withstand the elements. The only thing that you will notice is that in direct sunlight, these tiles may fade a bit. Other than that, these tiles will work perfectly.
Will the tiles discolor or have wear issues from tire heat?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles will not discolor or wear from tire heat. These tiles are made from the same material as the PVC piping in your home. It is very temperature resistant and would not be affected by tire heat. We are based in Arizona and have sold this tile to many customers in this area with no issues.
I have 2 questions: We live in the heart of the midwest and off a gravel road. Heavy rains and nasty winters mean tracking in a lot of mud and gravel or snow which sometimes can fall off in chunks. Will this create a gap or other issue in between the tiles, especially since we can go for long periods before it is nice enough to sweep etc.? Also, do nicks happen if something heavy falls on the tiles?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles are constructed with the same material as the piping in your home and are very durable, so it will not get damaged by anything being dropped on them. If you don't get to mud or dirt right away, no worries, you can just hose the flooring down to make it look like brand new when you can.
Does the Grid Lock tile work on a sun porch? Will it stay flat or tend to expand and pop up in the very hot sun?
B C Smith
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles can be used as flooring on a sun porch. As long as all the tiles get hit with the sun and cool off around the same time during the day, buckling shouldn't be an issue. These tiles are somewhat UV stable, so for the most part, they shouldn't fade too much in direct sunlight, but there is potential for some fading to occur over the life of the floor.
Will these tiles or something like it hold up in a professional auto repair shop?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles can hold up in a professional auto repair shop. These tiles are impact resistant and are resistant to most chemicals. These garage tiles are easy to clean and maintain and are slip resistant even when wet.
I am considering putting the coin grid hard plastic on a covered concrete carport. My concern is will it stand up in heat? We live in South Texas and the summers can be wicked. The carport is covered tiles will be in the shade. Will this work?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles have been installed all over the US and Canada with great success. These tiles have been installed in all types of locations including garages and carports. These tiles will be able to withstand the heat very well and are able to withstand the elements. These tiles are UV stable to a certain degree which ensures your floor will look just as good 10 years from now as they did the day you bought them.
I own an auto shop . We weld, use an acetylene torch, spill engine and transmission oil, as well as other fluids. How does your flooring hold up to daily use in this environment?
Our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles will be able to handle an auto shop environment with ease. These tiles were designed to be used in these types of environments and will not become damaged due to daily use. These tiles are stain-resistant and resist melting.
Can these withstand rolling tool boxes with the smaller rollers (as opposed to car tires)? I have a few rolling benches that I pull out onto an open floor space when needed.
Chuck Mailhot
You can use a rolling toolbox on our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles without damaging them. These tiles are very durable and have been used in workshops throughout the US and Canada successfully.
Can you trim these to fit edge to edge in a space?
You can cut our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles to fit your space. To cut these tiles, we recommend using a table saw on low speed with either water or silicone as a lubricant to keep the blade from melting the tiles.
Can I put this over my epoxy garage floor?
You can install our Coin Grid-Loc Tiles over an epoxy garage floor. These tiles will help to protect your epoxy. If for any reason you were concerned that your epoxy would get damaged at all, you can place a plastic film under the tiles or an underlay to further protect your epoxy floor.
would this be considered a floating floor, or should it be glued down?
Floating floor which interlocks piece by piece.
Can I use coin loc tile on a rough garage floor?
Dale L. Schliem
The tiles can be installed on a rough floor. You just want to fill in any low spots or sand high spots so that you've got any large variations minimized.
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