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Diamond Flex Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Diamond Flex Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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I am planning to use your Diamond Flex Tiles to cover a basement/garage floor that is approximately 820 square feet. How much extra should I order to account for cutting/waste?
We always recommend at least 5% overage for any space to account for any cuts, waste, or mistakes.
Are these tiles uv resistant? My garage opens to the west and gets a lot of afternoon sun.
Our Diamond Flex tiles are UV resistant. In direct sunlight they will fade.
I am in Arizona, how does your garage tiles hold up to extreme heat? Will my vehicle's tires stick to tiles?
Our Diamond Flex Tiles have been installed all over the country from the coldest parts of the North Dakota to the hottest parts here in Arizona. These tiles hold up very well in all climate types and will not get brittle in extreme cold or melt in extreme heat. These tiles are made from the same material that your water pipes in your home are made of, PVC. In extreme heat, your tires will not stick to the tiles. These tiles are made to expand and contract with the outside temperature. So, in extreme heat situations, your tiles will expand a bit. In extreme cold, they will contract.
After 2nd flooded basement, I'm considering you product. Is this something that if I flood again, i could lift up and dry them out to relay them?
These tiles are easily interlock and are modular. You can pick these up, let them dry and reinstall with no issues.
I live in the Northeast. How do the Flex Tiles hold up during winter with road salt dripping from the car? Does the salt affect the tiles? Which tile might be the best option to withstand winter salt and chemicals used on roads.
Salt and other road products will not affect our Diamond Flex Tiles. These tiles are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals and are also resistant to most road additives. There are only two things that will affect these tiles. Tar can stain these tiles, but that can be cleaned off the tiles with a product called Purple Power. The other thing that can affect the tiles is high-performance tires. The only solution to fix the staining from these tires is to get black tiles in the area where the car will be parked.
I am planning to use your product in a garage. We get a lot of snow and rain here, so I need to know: does this floor prevent water from seeping down to the actual garage floor? Can you give me a little more information on this feature? Thank you!
Our Diamond Flex Tiles interlock very tightly and make it very difficult for water to penetrate to the subfloor below. If the tiles are interlocked tightly, water typically does not seep through to the subfloor. If there is any gapping, then water will get between and under the tiles.
Are there trim pieces that go around the edges?
You can order edges and corners for our Diamond Flex Tiles on the product page.
Can I put this flooring over electric radiant heat?
You can install our Diamond Flex Tiles over a radiant heat floor. These tiles will not melt when installed over this type of system. When these tiles are installed over this type of system, you more than likely not get the full benefits of it as these tiles are non-porous and will keep most of the heat from transferring to the surface.
Will wheeled bookcases and carts roll over this tile without any issues? Also is it necessary to use the edge pieces on the sides of the floor?
Wheeled bookcases and carts will roll over our Diamond Flex Tiles without any issues. You don't have to use the edge pieces on the sides of the floor. It will just depend on your install if you need them or not.
I have a painted concrete garage floor in Alabama that is wet about half the time-I assume because the vapor barrier was not used. If I install your tiles will that my floor still be wet? Or will the moisture not migrate up?
If you have moisture issues with your concrete floor, you will still have those issues even after installing our Diamond Flex Tiles. The moisture may not come to the surface as often as it is now, but there could be instances where you will see your floor sweat. To truly prevent this, we recommend sealing your concrete floor.
I've read that many of the interlocking tiles for a garage floor need a liner place under the tiles to eliminate the plastic sound. Do the Diamond Flex Tiles need a liner as well?
Our Diamond Flex Tile and all of our Flex Tiles are soft and quiet compared to our hard plastic tiles, meaning no liner is needed. All you would need to do is just install the tiles over your hard, flat surface.
What do you recommend to cut these with? Just bought for my garage. I'm extremely happy with the quality and appearance. Need to edge around the garage walls and not sure what would be the best cutting tool for a clean edge. Thanks!
Our Diamond Flex Tiles are made from flexible PVC and can be easily cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. We also do offer tile cutters that can also cut these tiles easily and cleanly. You can find our various tile cutters on our Tile Cutter page.
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