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1/2" Tight-Lock Tiles™ Questions & Answers

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1/2" Tight-Lock Tiles™
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$35.91 Tile
reg: $5.32 sqft
tile $47.88
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Customer Questions

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Do you have ramp tiles for this product?
We don't have ramp tiles for our 1/2" Tight-Lock Tiles but we do offer a rubber floor ramp for them. This will slop the flooring down to an 1/8" ensuring that your flooring won't create a trip hazard.
Is this the rubber that smells the least? If not, what is the exact name of it for tiles? Also, is this good to park a van on top of it? One side of my garage is gonna be for the gym and thinking of just doing the whole garage with rubber tiles. Will the tiles shift when I turn?
Our 1/2" Tight-Lock Tiles don't have a strong rubber smell. If you are looking for a rubber tile that has no smell, then we would suggest going with one of our virgin rubber tiles. If you are sensitive to smells, we do recommend mopping our rubber flooring with a mild soap and water solution with a synthetic mop head. You can park a vehicle on our rubber tiles, but we don't recommend using it as a garage flooring. Rubber can be damaged by oil that can leak from your vehicle. If your vehicle does leak, we recommend placing our Nitro Rolls or an AutoFloorGuard mat under your vehicle. The other reason we don't recommend rubber tiles as a garage floor is due to the separation of the flooring due to the turning of your wheels when going in and out of your garage. You can prevent this by adding some double-sided tape under the tiles or you can glue the tiles down.
My wife and I do a lot of high impact cardio. Are these tiles suitable?
Our 1/2" Tight-Lock Tiles are a good floor for high-impact workouts. They will give plenty of shock absorption for any type of exercise. If your joints are a little more sensitive, we do have a wide range of high-impact flooring that is more suitable. You can find these rubber tiles, rolls, and mats on our High Impact Flooring page.
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