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ProFlow Drainage Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
ProFlow Drainage Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can these be used to rollerskate on?
Allison M Hay
Yes, our ProFlow Drainage Tiles can be used for roller skating.
Is this strong enough for horses to walk/stand on?
Yes, our ProFlow Drainage Tiles are strong enough for horses to walk & stand on. These tiles are made from hard polypropylene plastic.
Can they go into a dishwasher
Ronald Taccone
Yes, our ProFlow Drainage Tiles can go into the dishwasher.
Can I install vinyl flooring on top of this in a basement?
Yes, you may install vinyl tiles or planks on top of our ProFlow Drainage Tiles.
Are the tiles flexible? Can they be installed on an uneven concrete surface with a drain in the middle?
Our ProFlow Drainage Tiles are a rigid hard plastic tile. They do flex a little bit, but not like a rubber tile. We recommend installing these tiles over a hard, flat surface that is sturdy. You may want to fill out your concrete floor to make it even before placing these tiles over it.
Would these withstand the weight of an automobile? Would I be able to install them in my garage?
Absolutely! These tiles are made of hard plastic and can be used in garages to park cars over them.
Looking to put these in bunny hutch for flooring. How big are the holes? Would bunny droppings fit through and fall out to the collecting bin?
Amber Tryon
The holes are 9/16". We'd recommend getting a sample to test out the product with droppings just to be sure they'd fall out into the bin.
Your tile cutters are pricey. Can I use a less expensive tile cutter from my local home improvement store?
Andrew Erman
Yes, absolutely!
I’m renting a house with a backyard With no grass, can I use these to make a path so I don’t wind up covered in mud?
Aja Perrin
We recommend installing our ProFlow Drainage Tiles over a hard, flat surface such as concrete, asphalt, or wood decking. If you place these directly on the ground, they may not stay interlocked very well, and the sand/mud would come through the vents in the tiles. However, customers have used these tiles as paths with success. You could consider our rubber pavers for your use as well since those can be laid directly on the ground and do not have vents so you won't have any such issues with them.
Could these be used in a dog run (potty place) under artificial grass to help it drain better and dry faster?
Yes, absolutely! These tiles can be used as subfloors under artificial turf for better drainage.
Soft enough to Walk on bare foot fore a boat
These tiles are made of hard plastic so for some people they may not feel the best when walked on. Please see our Soft Flex Tiles that are soft to walk on. Also, you may want to consider getting samples of the ProFlow to check if you like how they feel.
Would these tiles be suitable for a free weight area? How heavy a weight could be 'dropped' on these tiles without causing them damage?
Yes! These tiles are made of hard plastic and can withstand the weight of weights being dropped on them.
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