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Pre-Cut Regrind Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
Pre-Cut Regrind Rolls
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$259.95 Roll
reg: $1.73 sqft
roll $346.60
Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

Customer Questions

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Hello, can the rubber flooring be installed outside in a backyard?
Our Regind Rolls can be used outside in a backyard. In direct sunlight, these rolls will fade.
Hi, i am looking for a roll out rubber floor for our work out room in the garage. We have several heavy pieces of weight equipment and an elliptical. What would you recommend? Thank you
Our Regrind Rubber Rolls work great in garage gyms. These rolls are made from scrap material from our standard rolls, so they feature the same great qualities at a discount price. These rolls can handle heavy equipment on them and also the dropping of weights.
Is the regrind 3/8 thick rubber floor good for shock absorption during HIIT, Plyo, and Tabata training?
Our Regrind Rolls are perfect for high impact workouts. The best color for these types of workouts is our Black Regrind. It is made less dense than our standard rolls to give you more shock absorption.
So is the Black Regrind better than the confetti for P90x, jump roping, and impact activities? Or is it the same product with the color being the only difference? Thank you
Our Black Regrind is less dense than our Confetti Regrind making it better suited for high impact workouts such as P90X, jump training and the like.
Would this type of flooring be good for an indoor home basketball court?
Our Confetti Regrind Rolls have and are great as an indoor basketball court. These rolls are very easy to clean and maintain and are slip resistant when dry or wet.
When used outdoors in Arizona sun, I understand it's not UV-treated and will fade -- but what about gradual break-down? I don't mind fading at all, but am wondering if kids playing on the surface will end up with black hands/feet (like car tires give you) after years of gradually starting to break down?
Our Regrind Rolls will not break down when placed outdoors in the Arizona sun under normal conditions.
On the regrind rolls, I was wondering if I could use this for an outside walkway? Thank you
Our Regrind Rolls would work perfectly outside on a walkway. Our Confetti colored rolls have the same density as our standard rubber rolls and are very slip resistant when wet. These rolls are also resistant to mold and mildew growth. We wouldn't recommend using our black rolls as they are less dense and may not hold up well to the constant foot traffic.
Do you recommend your floors for garage use? Can you park cars on it?
Todd Priest
Our Confetti colored Regrind Rolls can be used as garage flooring. The only issue that you may run into with having rubber as garage flooring is if your car leaks oil, the oil over time will break down the floor. To help alleviate this issue, we recommend placing an extra mat in the area where you will park the vehicle. Other than that, our rubber rolls would hold up fine to cars parked on them and driven over them.
Is this waterproof or does it need to be sealed?
Our Regrind Rolls are water resistant not waterproof. To make them virtually water resistant, we do recommend using our Floor Finish and Sealer in conjunction with our Seam Sealer to create a virtually watertight system.
I am looking for something durable and easy on the knees to cover the floor of my appliance repair shop. This involves a lot of pushing around heavy, non-wheeled objects (refrigerators, washing machines, etc). Will the legs of the appliances snag on your regrind roll flooring, and will this sort of use damage the flooring? Thanks.
square deal appliance
If you are moving non-wheeled items over our Regrind Rolls or any other flooring, we would recommend placing furniture sliders under the legs to prevent the item from damaging the flooring.
Could this work in concrete floored stalls. My stalls are 10 by 10. We add wood shaving on top for bedding and urine absorption. .
Mary Barton
You can use our Regrind Rolls as flooring for horse stalls that have a concrete subfloor. These rolls are easy to to clean and maintain, and are also resistant to mold and mildew growth. They are also slip resistant when wet and can be cleaned with a hose or with a broom.
How does it against mold?
Our Regrind Rolls are mold and mildew resistant.
How different are each regrind rolls color? Some reviews indicated that the color difference is significant. Also, how long will it take for the off-gassing smell to go away?
The variance between each Regrind Roll can be different and could be drastic as we use the scraps from our standard rubber rolls to make this roll. Typically, we try to keep the same types of looks for any given order, but this is not guaranteed. The rubber rolls will have a smell that will dissipate over time, but to speed this process up, we recommend mopping the floor with a mile soap and water solution and allowing the floor to air dry. We also recommend providing as much ventilation to the room where the flooring will be installed. You may have to repeat the cleaning process a few times to reduce the smell to your liking.
Would my athletes be able to use their track spikes on this surface? The spike length is 1/4 inch.
You can use track spikes on our Regrind Rubber Rolls. These rolls have been used in baseball dugouts with success and would be able to handle the track spikes. We typically recommend going with our 3/8" thick rubber for this type of application.
Can I lay these rolls over hardwood flooring?
Richard Wright
You can install our Regrind Rolls over any hard flat surface such as concrete, tiles, plywood, and the like. You can install our rubber rolls over hardwood flooring with ease.
Can you adhere turf to the regrind roll surface?
You can adhere turf to our Regrind Rolls. We would recommend using a pressure sensitive adhesive to do so.
I am planning on using precut regrind rolls for the floor of a bike shop. I want to paint a grayish bike path across the floor. What type of paint will be practical and durable for this?
We recommend using acrylic paint for our Regrind Rubber Rolls or any of our rubber products. This paint will stick to the rubber very strongly and will last longer than a water-based paint without damaging the rubber.
Can you use this with bare feet for light cardio? Thanks!
Rebecca Leenheer
You can workout barefoot on our Regrind Rubber Rolls or any of our flooring. These rolls are comfortable underfoot and when cleaned properly won't leave any black marks on your feet.
How do you get two pieces to join the edges together, so they do not peel up?
Our Pre-Cut Regrind Rolls can be joined together with double-sided tape at the seam or with our Seam Sealer glue. This will help to the seams nice and tight after they are installed.
Can the regrind floors be installed over radiant heat?
Our Regrind Rolls can be installed over a radiant heat system. The heat will not melt the rubber in any way. The only thing you will notice is that you may not be getting the full benefits of the system as our rubber flooring is only somewhat porous and is a pretty good insulator compared to concrete and stone.
Can the mat be placed over carpet and not fade or stain the carpet over time?
You can install our Regrind Rolls over carpet. We recommend installing it over commercial carpet, but it can be installed over plush, residential carpet that has a thick pad. When installing over plush carpet, you will have to be mindful of tripping hazards that can be created due to the carpet padding being depressed. Our rubber flooring will not stain carpet, but if you have a light colored carpet that you are concerned about, we recommend placing a plastic sheet between the carpet and the rubber flooring.
How easily can this be cut in half so that you have 2 twelve and a half long pieces? And what would you use to cut it?
Our Regrind Rolls are very easy to cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
I have a raised bed garden with paths between beds that are 40" wide. What do I need to prepare the area for rubber flooring? I have already killed the grass and weeds with Round-up.
Erica Miller
When installing our Regrind Rolls or any of our rubber flooring over dirt or grass, you will just want to make sure the surface is as level as possible. Other than that, a weed barrier can be added to ensure no weeds or grass grow between the rolls after they are installed.
What is the maximum size they come in?
Our Pre-Cut Regrind Rolls come in two sizes: 4' x 25' and 4' x 50.'
Does this material need to be glued down if used for a garage floor?
You don't have to glue our Regrind Rolls down if used as flooring in a garage. The rolls are very heavy and will stay in place under normal use of your garage. If you have to do any major turns to get in and out of your garage and experience movement, you can glue the rolls down. We recommend using a polyurethane adhesive to keep the rolls in place.
I'm looking to put rubber flooring in my woodworking shop, as I often stand in one spot to work on a project. Will sawdust collect in the seemingly porous top of the floor?
Our Regrind Rolls are great as flooring in a workshop for ergonomic purposes. For this application, we recommend using our Black Regrind roll as it has more ergonomic properties compared to the Confetti version. Small pieces of sawdust may get caught in the pores of the flooring. You can seal our rubber flooring to prevent this from happening with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. Also, you could use an air blower after you do some woodworking to remove any small debris that may be caught. As the pores are very small, it will be pretty tough for any debris to get caught in the pores, but it is possible.
Do these rubber rolls have a fire safety code?
Our Regrind Rubber Rolls are Class III fire rated. You can get a copy of this testing from one of our Flooring Heroes via chat, phone, or email.
Are these products goat proof? Not desired by other farm animals to eat? Hold up to sun, warping, curling, contracting in weather extremes?
Our Pre-Cut Regrind Rolls aren't goat proof but are typically not the first choice for an animal to eat. If these rubber rolls are not adhered down, there is potential for any animal to eat the rolls. These rolls are weather-resistant but would expand and contract in extreme weather. The rolls won't curl or warp but may buckle if there are many rolls installed next to each other. These rubber rolls are not UV stable, so they will fade over time in direct sunlight.
Is this black re-grind material fire rated? As we would like to use this for an external event and we need a fire rating certificate.
Julian Harriman-Dickinson
Our Black and Confetti Regrind rubber rolls have a Class III fire rating. If you need the testing for this, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via email, phone, or chat.
Hello, to save on shipping cost, are customers able to pick the rolls up at a specific location (Warehouse, etc.)?
You can pick up our Regrind Rolls at one of our facilities. If you would like to do that, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via chat, email, or phone, and they will be happy to assist.
So looking for a mat/flooring to do burpees, planks. Need something soft for knees and elbows. What is the best option.
Our Black Regrind Rolls are one of the best flooring options for plyometric exercises. These rolls are slightly less dense making them more shock absorbant making performing these exercises easier on your joints.
Would like to use this in my pottery studio in my garage. I have a rolling chair. Will the mat hold up to rolling back and forth?
Our Confetti Regrind Rolls can handle a chair rolling back and forth on them without being damaged. Since the Black regrind Rolls are less dense, they may not hold up as well to the constant back and forth movement of a chair.
Can I lay a 1/4' regrind roll over existing horse stall mats?
gilaad cohen
You can install our Regrind Rolls and any other rubber roll or tile over any existing rubber floor or any other hard, flat surface.
Are these Regrind Rolls good for pets, and how do they stand up to some dog urine? I would have shavings over the rubber to absorb most of the urine.
Our Pre-Cut Regrind Rolls have been used in doggy daycares all over the US. These rolls are one of our most popular products for this application due to their affordability, look, and ease of use. We recommend when using these rolls to seal the flooring with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer to fill in the small pores that are found in the floor. This will ensure a water-tight seal to your floor. In conjunction, we also recommend sealing the seams of the rolls with our Seam Sealer glue.
I am looking for a rubber mat to do flexibility and floor movements on. So some rolling around, stretching, bear crawls, etc. What do you recommend?
Our Black Regrind Rolls are the perfect option for doing flooring exercises. This color is less dense than our standard rubber rolls and will provide great comfort underfoot.
How much does a 25' roll of black regrind weigh vs. a 1/4" Tough Rubber roll? Is the color in the latter more consistent? I am looking at ordering 20 rolls to be installed in a single open space.
Robin Burk
Our Black Regrind Rolls weigh about 150 pounds for a 25' roll whereas a Black 1/4" Tough Rubber Roll weighs about 160 pounds. The color would be more consistent with our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls.
Is this suitable for a dog run?
Yes that would be fine.
I have a 14' x 14' platform I am covering. Would I need to seal the seams, or do they not shift? We do workouts such as Insanity and maybe buying some weights.
Our Regrind Rolls are very heavy and wouldn't move while doing Insanity or other high impact workouts, so there is no need to seal or glue the seams. If there was still some concern that you may move the rolls, you could place some double-sided carpet tape down the seams and around the rolls' perimeter.
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