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Zip Rubber Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
Zip Rubber Tiles
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$14.16 Tile
reg: $3.35 sqft
tile $18.88
Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

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The room we wish to convert to a home gym has a hardwood floor. Is it safe to install the tiles on hardwood? The room is not near a wet area but wondering if condensation under the tiles is a common problem? Don't want to warp the floor. Thank you!
Our Zip Rubber Tiles can be placed over hardwood flooring. The tiles do not sweat, but if there is moisture coming from the subfloor, you would see condensation on both the rubber tile and the wood flooring. If you do see condensation occur under the tiles or on the wood, you will want to get your subfloor looked at immediately. This is a sign that moisture is coming up from the subfloor and that it needs to be sealed or repaired.
What are differences between the 4 types of 8 mm tiles that explain the price differences (Zip, Strong, Strong-Designer, and Eco-lock)?
Our Zip Rubber Tiles are a larger tile that features a high level of color. Our Zip Rubber Tiles only come as center tiles, so you will have to cut them to create corner and border tiles. Our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles have a little less color than our Zip Rubber Tiles. These tiles do come in corner, border and center tiles allowing you to easily create a finished floor. Our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles - Designer Series have the highest amount of color which is why they are the priciest of the bunch. These tiles only come in a center tile, so you will need to cut them to create corner and border tiles. Our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles have the same amount of color as our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles, however they feature two removable edge pieces. This allows you to create border and corner tiles with ease, but it will not look as seamless as our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles. Our Zip Rubber Tiles, 8mm Strong and Designer tiles all come from both coasts, whereas our Eco-Lock Rubber Tiles only come from the west coast.
Do you have rubberized soundproofing tiles for a bedroom floor?
Our Zip Rubber Tiles or any of our rubber flooring will help to reduce the amount of noise transferred from floor to floor but is not considered a soundproofing product. You still will get some sound transmission, but it will be greatly reduced compared to a hard surface product.
Can I use the rubber tile for outside on top of concrete?
You can use our Zip Rubber Tiles outdoors. These tiles are weather resistant and are very easy to clean and maintain. They are very slip resistant even when wet and are mold and mildew resistant. The only thing that you will notice is that the tiles will fade in direct sunlight.
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