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Performance Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Performance Turf Rolls
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$16.58 Linear Foot
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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I am looking for a turf we could possibly use to workout with. We have space to use it, but we would need to be able to put it out and put it away between workouts. I just need an opinion, or is it something that needs to be installed and kept out?
Our Performance Turf Rolls are the perfect turf rolls to use as a temporary floor in any gym or home. These turf rolls are smaller in size than most turf rolls making them easy to roll up and roll back out. Since these fake grass rolls are made with polyethylene, they can also be used outdoors without fading in direct sunlight.
I want a turn to place on my backyard cement for sleds and short sprints along with doing workouts. Will this hold good on cement and if yes how do i make sure it doesnt move? I also will place this and roll it up, is that easy to do or it has to be a permanent fix?thank you so much
Performance Turf Rolls can be installed over cement. To hold the turf in place, you may use our Turf seam tape on the ends and attach it to the floor. This turf is easy to roll up and can be removed very easily, just like how you'd place and remove a rug.
I am looking for turf to use strictly with a push/pull workout sled. It will not be stationary; I will be rolling it up after each use and rolling it out for each use. It will be used for indoor (garage) only. Do I need the padding to go underneath or just the turf itself?
Padding is always a good idea when you need extra cushion underneath while working out on the turf. But if you are only looking to use the turf under the sled, you may skip the pad. These rolls come in both padded and nonpadded versions.
How wide are the rolls from the factory?
The Performance Turf Rolls are 6.5' wide. More product details are available under the "details" section on the product page.
I am looking for a turf to play field hockey on, can this turf be used for sports too? I was planning to put it on my driveway and I liked the thickness of it, but I wasn't sure if this turf would work for sports.
Yes, you may play field hockey on our Performance Turf Rolls.
Can the padded version be used outside? It seems like only the NON-padded version has drainage. We're looking to use it for field hockey practice in our backyard.
The padded version isn't perforated for drainage. For Field Hockey, please look at any of our Sports Turf.
What type of adhesive is recommended for indoor use?
We recommend using the double sided carpet tape when installing turf indoors.
Is it comfortable enough to kneel, stretch, and do warm up drills on?
Yes, these turf rolls are very popular among fitness enthusiasts. We recommend getting a sample before your purchase to make sure you're okay with the feel of the turf.
If using a sled on this turf, do you recommend just taping along the edges or taping as much as possible?
You should be okay with taping along the edges, however, if you feel that the turf won't stay in place, consider using the tape in more areas.
Is the turf able to be cut if needed?
Yes! These turf rolls are very easy to cut, just use some sharp scissors.
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