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Rosco Dance Floor Rolls

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Black/Gray ReversibleRosco Dance Floor Rolls
Black/White ReversibleRosco Dance Floor Rolls
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Product Highlights
  • Great temporary flooring for traveling dance companies.
  • Provides excellent controlled slip.
  • Great for all types of dance.

Dance Floor Tape
Dance Floor Tape
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$618.99 ea.
  • Great temporary flooring for traveling dance companies.
  • Provides excellent controlled slip.
  • Great for all types of dance.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Easy to roll and unroll, making it perfectly portable.
  • Custom cut lengths in 1' increments.
  • Matte, non-skid finish.
  • Reversible.
  • Max cut length for a single roll is 131.3'.
Description - Dance Floor is one of our most portable vinyl-rolled dance floors and comes in two reversible colors: Black/Grey and Black/White. Dance Floor is very lightweight and flexible, so it can be easily rolled and unrolled as needed. This makes this roll perfect for touring dance companies and theatres that can't install a permanent floor. With a non-skid matte finish, this floor provides the controlled slip dancers desire.
Material – High-quality homogeneous vinyl layers with a non-slip urethane finish.
Width – 63" wide
Length – Available in pre-cut full roll sizing at 131.3' long or as custom cut. Custom cut rolls are cut to your desired length free of charge provided that each roll length is 10’ long or longer and in whole foot increments such as 11’, 12’, 13’, etc. You will normally receive an extra few inches on each roll. This allows for a quick and easy installation.
Thickness – ~1.2 mm
Installation – Temporary or Semi-Permanent
Floor Speed – Medium-Fast
Shoe Style – Soft (ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, tennis soft soles)
Use With – Vinyl Tape, Double Stick Tape, Heavy Duty Cleaner, and All-Purpose Cleaner
Recommended Uses – Dance Floor is very lightweight making it the temporary floor for traveling dance companies, as temporary flooring in performance theaters and studios, as home practice flooring, and much more.

In Stock - Ships between Aug 19 - 25

Vinyl rolls are easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning of this flooring typically includes:
  • Sweeping or vacuuming any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the floor when necessary.
  • Light damp mopping to remove light staining or spills. Remove scuffs and excessive soil by carefully scrubbing.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as discoloration may occur. We recommend closing blinds or drapes during peak sunlight hours to prolong the life of the floor.
Note: This is not a stain-proof product. Leaving certain harsh chemicals or spills on the floor for an extended time may cause some staining and/or damage. Always clean up a spill immediately to reduce the chance of staining or other damage to your flooring.
When installing rolled vinyl dance flooring, it is recommended that you use some kind of adhesive to prevent the rolls from moving around or sliding apart between adjacent rolls. The most common methods of keeping your Marley dance floors to the subfloor in place is:
A: Double Sided Tape Installation
  1. First, you will want to clean your subfloor so that it is free of all dust, dirt, and debris.
  2. Loose lay your rolls in the room as you would like them to look after a complete installation. Let the rolls relax for up to 24-48 hours to ensure proper installation of your new flooring.
  3. Make any necessary cuts to the rolls to fit them into the room using a straight edge and a utility knife with a fresh blade. We recommend leaving a 1/4" gap around the rolls to account for expansion and contraction.
  4. You can either apply double-sided carpet tape to the underside of each roll around the roll perimeters. Then place the vinyl rolls back into position on top of the double-sided tape.
  5. Or you can use mat tape to secure rolls to the floor from the top, as well as joining multiple rolls together.

Suitable for an assortment of dance styles

  • Ballet - Contemporary - Lyrical - Jazz - Hip Hop - Aerobics

Whether a beginner or virtuoso, practice your cabriole, pirouette, and pliés on these floors. Focus on unleashing your inner expression of emotion through music and movement as in lyrical or contemporary dance. Pivot turns, pas de bourree, and split leaps are a cake walk on these floors. Even practice hip hop moves and aerobics on this floor.

No Pro Needed

Certified: No Pro Needed

  • A DIY'ers Dream

Around here, we like DIY (do it yourself) projects. It's important to us that we offer products that we can get behind. When you see our Certified: No Pro Needed stamp of approval, you can rest assured that the product is tried and true, a product that you can install - no need to hire a professional. In this case, YOU'RE the professional. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for that!

Don't see what you're looking for? 
Suzan Brecken
Let us know the number of rolls you need and what length you need them cut at and we are happy to help.
Is this floor suitable for tap?
Dance Floor Rolls are not recommended for hard shoe style dance. If you'd like a rolled floor for tap, we would recommend our Adagio rolls.
How easy is it to cut the excess off once the floor has been placed? Also how much tape would you recommend for a space measuring 8'x8'?
jen overmoyer
These can be cut easily with a sharp utility knife. You would want to tape around the entire perimeter as well as any seams that butt up together. One roll of tape should be sufficient.
Wondering if this floor is suitable / thick enough to lay over concrete?
Dance Floor Rolls could be installed over concrete, but they are very thin. We recommend adding one of our dance subfloors to provide cushion for the dancer(s).
How easily are the floor cleaned when scuffed up by black shoes and tap shoes? Are they stain-proof / resistant?
Chris Caggiano
These are not stain / scuff proof. Using the black side will help to reduce appearance of scuff marks.
Can this be laid over carpet?
A solid, level subfloor should be put down first.
Could I use any type of double sided carpet tape with this?
We have used our double sided carpet tape with these rolls, we would recommend using that one.
Is this suitable for a home studio? It says not suitable for permanent installation. What does that mean?
Rosco Dance Floor Rolls would be suitable for use in a home studio. They cannot be glued for permanent installation.
Can this be put over a wood floor or does it need subfloor padding?
Dance Floor Rolls could be installed directly over wood, but they are very thin. We recommend adding one of our dance subfloors to provide cushion for the dancer.
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Average Rating

Customer review image of  in Saint Mary's Ryken High School
Customer review image of  in Saint Mary's Ryken High School
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  Saint Mary's Ryken High School
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Saint Mary's Ryken High School
Julie from Leonardtown, MD wrote...
I teach dance at a Catholic college preparatory high school and each year I ask the dance students what is the program's greatest need. For several years, a better dance surface has been high on the list, so this year the students committed to recycling costumes and fundraising. These, combined with the entire dance annual budget and parent donations, covered the cost of the floor. I ordered the portable vinyl dance floor roll and cut it to size because the floor can be used in the dance studio classroom and then moved to the stage for performances. Portability, durability, versatility for many types of dance, and cost all factored into his purchase and the students are thrilled to have a non-slip surface. This was a great purchase and will enhance the dance program for many years. Attached are photos of the floor in the classroom space, and some of the students cutting and taping it. Sincerely, Julie
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Zoom icon Larger Image
  Highly recommend
Kelly F from Walnut Creek, CA wrote...
We recently purchased a Rosco floor, double sided tape, seam tape and cleaning solution from a FlooringInc. store. The purpose of the floor is a home ballet studio for our daughter. We sprung the subfloor using plywood over new padding, which sits on top of existing carpet and padding. Installation of the Rosco flooring was simple and straightforward and FlooringInc customer service was very helpful and courteous. The results are beautiful and durable, and my daughter reports that the floor is the perfect ″speed″ for pointe work. Further, we saved a significant amount of money purchasing through FlooringInc and doing the installation ourselves. We highly recommend FlooringInc for excellent all around experience and a fantastic end product. P.S. the Rosco floor cleaner is great, we highly recommend it for maintaining the Rosco floor!
Customer review image of  in
Zoom icon Larger Image
  Great flooring!
Jessica Z from Sussex, WI wrote...
My girls love their new dance floor! It was easy to install and lays perfectly on the existing carpet. We wanted a flooring that they could practice their dance, but something that could be installed with what we already have. Great flooring! Thanks!
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