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Horse stall mats and dog kennel flooring


Cat pee! Dog spills! Furry messes! Oh my!

Listen, we know that pets are unpredictable, and we understand that for animal lovers, dog trainers and pet care owners, flooring is an essential part of doing what you do best: sharing your compassion for animals.

We have several selections of tiles, mats and rubber rolls that are easy to install, durable for animal nails and easy to clean for all those little mishaps. Take a look at the different options we have available, remember we also send samples so you get that “Meow” or “Woof” seal of approval.


Playground Flooring for Safety

From commercial pet facilities, to the at home dog lover, we have a pet flooring option for everyone! Rubber flooring is a great option for dogs, cats, horses, cows and more!

First let’s figure out what you need -- are you looking for a commercial space or for your home?


Rubber exercise mats for home gym
  • • Doggy daycare
  • • Horse stalls
  • • Veterinary office
  • • And so much more!

Our popular rubber rolls are great for pet care facilities because they provide an easy install and cover large commercial spaces. Additionally, rubber rolls have less seams than tiles and you can use a seam sealer to prevent any pee from getting into your subfloor*.

We offer various thickness options; just keep in mind, the thicker you go, the less likely it will be that pee will penetrate the rubber. You can also choose anti-fatigue flooring, which makes it more comfort on our furry friends’ paws.

Ready to get started? Find your perfect residential pet flooring..

*Note: seam sealer is optional

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    Pet Flooring Highlights

  • Dogs
    • • Kennels
    • • Dog houses
    • • Any other areas to protect your flooring

  • Cats
    • • Kitty litter
    • • Any other areas to protect your flooring

  • Horses, cow and beyond*
    • • Horse stalls
    • • Barnyards
    • • Animal sheds

*Note: With larger animals we highly recommend going with a thicker product such as 3/8” or 1/2” to product the subfloor.

Rubber mats are a great choice for smaller facilities and residential spaces. All rubber pet mats are made out of recycled vulcanized rubber which means they are non-porous.

Why is that good news? Because no matter what dog drool, animal pee and water spills, liquid will not penetrate the mat. This makes it easier to clean up, putting your mind at ease.

Ready to get started? Find your perfect residential pet flooring..


    DIY Friendly

  • • Loose lay
  • • Glue Down*

  • Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer

  • • The rubber floor finish and sealer will provide a protective layer on the rubber to help reduce animal pee penetrating the product.
  • • Depending on the traffic, you can apply several coats of the finish and sealer. Allow to dry for 24 hours prior.

  • Seam Sealer

  • • This will prevent liquid from carrying over to another roll, making the seams non-porous.
  • • The amount you need will vary based on the total square footage of your area - each seam sealer tube will cover 2,000 sqft.
  • • Installation includes placing pea-size drops on the seam of the rubber roll. Then you can place the rubber rolls next to each other to adhere. If you are using the seam sealer for tiles, you may interlock the tiles together after the seam sealer is installed.


Any concrete, low pile carpet, hardwood, ceramic or porcelain tiles, or even on top of compacted dirt. It is important that your subfloor is leveled to ensure safety and a flat surface for workouts.

**Note: Dark rubber can stain light carpets, vinyl and some hardwood. Easy fix! ? If you are laying the products on top of an existing floor, we recommend getting a plastic sheet to place in between the rubber and your current floor.


Pet Flooring Highlights
  • • Great sound insulation
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Easy to install
  • • Can be used as floating floor or secured with glue or double sided carpet tape
  • • Mold and mildew resistant
  • • Slip resistant
  • • Antibacterial


Pet Flooring Limitations

• Some products may be more porous than others which means the pee can get stuck in the pores and be very tough to clean. We recommend ordering free samples before making a decision.

• Our finish and sealer product is a great way to insure that the rubber flooring is protected from any animal fur and any other animal mishaps.

• The rubber products are not scratched resistant. The rubber can be scratched, but that will not damage the product.

Ready to get started? Check out all our rubber dog kennel flooring and horse stall mats.