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Rubber gym floor tiles

I’ll take items I never expected to have to buy for $100, Alex.

I know, I know. You probably never imagined you’d be purchasing gymnastics mats, cheer mats, martial arts mats or wrestling mats. They’re those items you always see at the studios, but chances are you’ve never had be in charge of the purchasing.

Until you are.

Whether you’re looking for mats to keep at home for extra practice or you’ve just opened you first studio and you need the very best equipment for your hot new space, we can help you make this decision a little less overwhelming. Hopefully, a lot less overwhelming.


We have a wide variety of thickness options in our gym mats, from ?” to 14” - yes, under an inch to fourteen inches! Why such a wide variety? Well, not everyone needs a 14” thick gymnastics mat.

Typically, the thicker the mat, the more durable and shock absorbent it is, making thick mats necessary for vaulting exercises and other high level gymnastics. Make sure to check the thickness and recommended usage of each product to make sure it is the right fit for you.

Available Thicknesses


1 3/8"

1 1/2"


2 1/2"




DIY Gym Floor Tiles


So if you’re buying any type of fitness mat, safety is the number one priority.

First off, all of our mats are non-toxic and 100% safe for kids. They can lick the mat all they want, and they will still be A-okay.

For activities like cheer and gymnastics, safety becomes even more important. These high-impact sports can be dangerous and lead to injury when you don’t take proper safety precautions.

We talk a lot about shock absorbency. This is probably the key factor in mat safety. Different activities have different shock absorbency requirements.

For example, you can safely practice your forward roll on a ?” Soft Mat, but we would not recommend doing your front handspring on it. Below, we list all of our mats and what they are best used for. Additionally, feel free to check out the individual Buyer’s Guide pages to make sure you are getting the appropriate mat for your safety needs.


So, by “gymnastics mats”, we are including cheer, tumbling, martial arts and wrestling. I know, I know...Wrestling is not gymnastics, but their flooring requirements are really quite similar.

Alright, let’s get to those options!

For those mini Olympians in training.

Although safety is always a concern, we know that, for the kiddos, it is an even bigger concern. Little bones and joints need a little extra cushion.

For basic tumbling, we recommend starting out with a Folding Mats. These mats are perfect for protecting the kiddos and learning everything from front rolls to back tucks.

You can also check out our Incline Mats, Octagon Mats and Balance Beams for extra skill practice.

Incline Mats are a great tool to learn basic tumbling, and also super fun for general play, or as a slide off your toddler bed.

Octagon Mats are the next level - for kids learning backbends, dive rolls, back and front walkovers, etc. These are a great tool when your kiddo wants to practice at home and you don’t feel comfortable spotting them yourself. The mats act like a built in spotter. Of course, you always want to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re safe - the mats are great, but they cannot pick up the phone and dial 911 if your kid has an accident.

Balance Beams are a great, soft and comforting introduction to the ultra-intimidating gymnastics balance beam. These practice beams are great for practicing standing/walking balance, cartwheels and more.

A portable solution.

Roll out mats are great for providing excellent shock absorption without dedicating an entire room in your home as a new gym. Once you’re done practicing, roll these up and throw them in the closet.

You can also take these on the road if you’re traveling for a competition and want to make sure you can squeeze in some extra practice while you’re there.

If you’re looking for the bare-bones option that just provides a little extra cushion for basic tumbling, you can totally get away with a super affordable 3/8" Soft Mat. These are also great for stretching and conditioning.

Our Home Cheer Mats are super popular because they provide plenty of shock absorbency for most cheer and gymnastics moves (jumps, back handsprings, etc.), and they are also really affordable. Unless you’re training for the Olympics, these babies are probably the way to go.

Okay, future Olympians, you will want to check out the FlexFit Elite Fitness Mat. It is the most hardcore gym mat on the market, and it can support your quadruple back layout with seven twists. Also, if you can do anything remotely close to that, congratulations. We think you’re awesome.

These guys are also pretty darn portable. Light and easy to fold up and put away in the closet, folding gymnastics mats are a perfect, temporary practice solution.

Our traditional 4"x8"x2" Folding Mat and Eco Folding Mat are great for beginners. They can support anything from forward rolls to back walkovers.

For the advanced gymnast, we recommend going with a 5"x10"x2" Tumbling Mat for ultra shock absorption and stability.

Now you’re ready for the whole enchilada! You’ve got some cheer and gymnastics experience under your belt and you’re ready to practice ‘til 1am every night until you nail that back layout with a twist. #goals

Our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for a home gym setup. These are great for, well, wrestling, but also for creating a large space at home to practice your floor routine.

Landing Mats are your cream of the crop mat. They come as thick as 1’ and offer the absolute best when it comes to landing shock absorption. They’re great for MMA studios as well as professional cheer and gymnastics studios.



What good is a sweet gymnastics mat if you have no idea where to use it?

These versatile mats are great for a home practice area, dedicated gym space, professional gymnastics, cheer and martial arts studios, kids play areas, and much more. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.