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3/4" Waffle Backed Animal Mat Kits

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Proudly made in the USA
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Black3/4" Waffle Backed Animal Mat Kits
Black 3/4" Waffle Backed Animal Mat Kits Black

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Description - Waffle backed interlocking mats were designed to be used as horse stall mats for use in foaling stalls and semen collection stalls. The waffle underside construction of these rubber stall mats helps to provide a softer mat for superior hoof traction. The softer surface also aids the mare during foaling and helps to provide better traction for the foal during those first few days of standing. The waffle backed mats also have a diamond pattern top surface to aid in slip prevention. These mats will not harbor or grow bacteria and in protecting barn animals from cold hard sub floors. Thesestall mats also come with an industry leading 12 year warranty.
Note : These stall mats are not designed to be used as gym mats and are not generally recommended for that purpose.
Material – Waffle backed interlocking stall mats are constructed of recycled crumb rubber that is revulcanized. Revulcanization means that the recycled rubber is essentially heated back together to form one solid non porous mat rather than being glued back together. This is the process that forms the strongest and most durable recycled rubber mats available.
Size – Waffle backed interlocking stall mats are sold in kits of various sizes. If a kit doesn’t cover your area exactly how you desire, we recommend getting a larger kit and then cutting the horse mats back to fit. This can be done with a sharp utility knife and cutting along the side of a straight edge such as a yard stick or carpenters square. Note: The mats are thick so it can take multiple scores to completely cut through the barn mats.
Thickness – 3/4 Inch
Weight – The 3/4” waffle backed mats weigh 3.25 Lbs. / square foot.
Origin – Made in the USA.
Recommended Uses – The 3/4” thick waffle backed rubber mats have been used as stall matting for horses, general barn and animal mats, foaling mats, Semen collection stall mats, and portable stall flooring. In addition, these mats have been used as kennel flooring for dog kennels and in any other place where pet, barn, or animal matting would be useful.

Available For Order - Ships between Nov 1 - 13

Waffle backed mats are low maintenance and easy to clean. Maintenance of these rubber horse mats typically includes:
  • Vacuuming any loose crumbs, dust, dirt or debris from the surface when necessary.
  • Occasional damp mopping of the horse stall matting with a mild soap and water solution. A few recommended soaps are Dawn dish detergent or Tide laundry detergent.
Note: Do not use any solvent or oil style cleaners such as lysol, Pinesol, WD40, Murphy’s Oil Soap, paint thinner, etc. since these types of cleaners will break down the flooring over time.
Installation of stall mat kits is very simple and easy and commonly done by the consumer. Installation for your mat kit is as follows:
  • With each stall mat kit, you will receive a layout showing exactly how to position the mats in the stall. All you have to do is make sure your subsurface is prepared correctly.
  • Our mats can be placed over concrete, asphalt, wood or any level well-compacted surface. You can also install them over decomposed granite and limestone fines. For limestone fines, make sure the fines do not exceed 1/8” in size.
  • Once your subsurface is prepared, use the stall diagram provided.
  • Each mat is marked on the bottom with numbers from the diagram. Start in one corner of the stall and fit the pieces together like a puzzle.
  • Once the tiles are interlocked, you can walk over them to fit more tiles in place.
  • Since rubber expands and contracts in extreme temperatures, we recommend a 1/4” to 1/2” gap between the edge of the mat and the wall.
  • Once you have completed your mat, feel free to add a small amount of bedding and your horse can enter its new home.


  • Interlocking stall mat system with extra cushioning.
  • Available in various kit sizes to fit any horse stall.
  • Stall mat kits are comprised of various sized tiles to create each mat kit.
  • Get a custom sized mat by calling 1-800-613-0996.


Customer Questions & Answers

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Can this mat be used outside under a large dog kennel?
Our 3/4" Waffle Backed Animal Mat Kits can be used as flooring under a large dog kennel. These mats are non-porous so no pee or other liquids will get harbored in the flooring. These mats are very easy to clean and maintain and are water, mold, and mildew resistant. To help seal the flooring where the tiles interlock, we recommend using our seam sealer glue.
Would this be comfortable for a dog to lay on for more than 6 hours?
Our 3/4" Waffled Backed Animal Mat Kits would be comfortable enough for a dog to lay on for more than 6 hours. These rubber mats are a lot more comfortable than concrete and also provides some insulation from any cold subfloor. These mat kits are very easy to clean and maintain and are non-porous making them also very easy to sanitize.

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