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Measure floor to order proper amount of flooring


Step 1 - Clean Floor. Make sure garage floor is clean, dry, and free of any objects. Sweep dirt out of garage and remove any lumps or excess cement/debris that might cause a bump on the surface.

Step 2 - Unroll Floor. Position flooring at front of garage, one roll at a time. Roll flooring out front-to-back and position carefully

Use a broom to push out any air underneath flooring

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" alt="Roll out flooring" /> " alt="Push air out" />

Step 3 - Joint & Cuts. When installing multiple rolls wall-to-wall, you can:

  1. Overlap rolls (1 1/2" to 6")
    - OR -
  2. Butt Joints Trim edges to continue floor pattern by forming a tight butt between rolls. Follow guidelines for butt-type joints.

Butt-type seaming guidelines. Fold back edge of roll #1 and wipe clean. Attach tape along roll #1's edge (leaving 2" of tape exposed) and fold back into position as shown. Fold back roll #2 and wipe bottom edge clean. Carefully align along edge of roll #1. Do not stretch mat or tape when applying.

" alt="Roll out flooring" /> " alt="Push air out" />
" alt="Push air out" />
Let the flooring "float" between exterior walls to allow for expansion and contraction. " alt="Push air out" />
NOTE: For custom fit, always allow product to relax in place before trimming around corners and edges.
Step 4 - Trim Trim floor to fit around poles, boards, etc. using utility/rug knife or scissors. Trim edges along exterior walls leaving 1/4" gap to allow for expansion/contraction.
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Optional - Taping After product has been allowed to relax in place, if you choose to hold down the edges or seams between two floor protectors, we recommend using indoor-outdoor carpet tape or 3-M brand 80 Rubber & Vinyl Spray Adhesive " alt="Push air out" />
" alt="Push air out" />