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1" MMA Mats

Our price
$1.85 sqft
$7.40 Tile
reg: $2.47 sqft
tile $9.87
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Average Rating 4.8/5
(87 reviews)

Knitting Blocking Board
5/51" MMA Mats
Jennifer from Fort Wayne, Indiana 3/14/2012

These tiles are great even if I am using them for an unconventional purpose. Holds pins easily for wet blocking a finished yarn crafting project and can handle a lot of tension before tearing. Can be propped up against a wall to be out of the way while drying and easy to tear down and store. Water proof and textured so project dries just as quickly as on conventional blocking boards. Interlock the tiles in any order to accommodate those odd shaped projects. I purchased 9 tiles so I can make any size i need from using one tile for a sweater piece to all 9 for a large blanket. Extremely happy with this product!

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Anywhere I can dry my projects
Very pleased
4/51" MMA Mats
Anonymous from ohio 3/13/2012

For the price you can't beat these tiles. There was some variation in color between them but they were used for a workout room in my basement over cement floor. The variation wasn't that important to me as anything looks better than the dingy cement. I installed this floor myself in about 40 minutes, it was very easy.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Home gym in basement
Great is all I can say
5/51" MMA Mats
Anonymous from Ft. lauderdale, Fl 3/1/2012

These tiles add uniqueness to a childs room. The room is brighter, safer to play in and most of all, I installed everything myself. In addition, the titles were the best priced on the internet.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Childrens room
Awesome product and shipping is fast!
5/51" MMA Mats
Anonymous from Fremont, Ca 2/28/2012

I purchased 25 pieces for my personal gym room in my home which has a free weights, a spinner cycle, and weighted core balls and my workouts use every inch of the room and the mats perform their function without any worries from me of tearing or any other type of disintegrating. The mats are firm yet with just the ideal amount of softness. I had to trim a few of the pieces for an exact fit and I had no troubles at all using an industrial scissor from any hardware store. Do not use a box cutter or knives as you will most likely damage the mat. All my mats came with side trim pieces and have been proven very useful. I would recommend anybody with a home gym to invest into these mats for its function is proven and aesthetically it projects a cleaner and professional look to your home gym.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Home Gym
Great tiles, great service
5/51" MMA Mats
Anonymous from Florida 2/18/2012

Ordered grey and black 2x2 interlocking soft tiles 1 inch thick to use as an exercise mat for floor exercises in my home gym. Fantastic product. Fits together beautifully and extra pieces to form outside edge made it fit the space perfectly without looking unfinished. I can kneel, lye flat on stomach or back, no problem. My bones are sensitive at 60 years old and this is plenty of cushion for me. I did need to order a non-slip rug pad to place under the mat as it is being used on a hardwood floor and slipped around a bit while exercising, but the pad stabilized it just fine. Great mat!

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it -
Pad under multi-station exercise machiine
5/51" MMA Mats
Lew Meyer from Sedona, Arizona 11/6/2011

The one inch interlocking pad is working great. I was able to slide the exercise machine on the four feet by six feet pad with no issues with the interlocking pads. The pad is dense enough to support the full weight of the exercise machine. An excellent product!

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Home gym
Very satisfied
5/51" MMA Mats
Anonymous from Breaux Bridge, LA 10/24/2011

I bought these tiles to set a baby play yard on when we go camping so that she isn't on the cement, rocks or dirt. They are easy to install and work perfectly for what I intended them for. I would definetly recommend this product to others and I am even thinking of using more of the interlocking tiles in the future to do a padded floor in her playroom.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it -