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$2.99 sqft
$215.28 Case
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case $287.04
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Easy to install, vibrant color
5/5 The Brights
Anonymous from Detroit, MI
We are very pleased with our purchase. The tile was very easy to install and the quality and color are extremely satisfactory. They have given our floor space a much needed face lift. Great value! Thank you.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Store floor- in front of fragrance displays
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Great Service and Color Options
5/5 The Brights
Mary from Bethesda, MD
My daughter loves purple. She somehow hates pink though, go figure. Anyway we recently moved and my daughters new bedroom had wood floors in it that she hated. She also hated switching schools so I knew we had to make it up to her in someway. As a fun mother daughter project, we decided to make over her room exactly how she would want it. The first thing she wanted was purple carpet. My husband thought the wood floors were too nice to ruin with regular carpet getting stapled into it so I came up with this carpet tile idea. We searched quite a few places on Google and found these guys. They had nice vibrant color options which Home Depot didn't even have for some reason. Where they really won me over though was when I called asking for recommendations. The girl I talked to was super helpful walking me through all of their purple options. We ended up ordering the royal purple color tiles. The tiles took a couple weeks to arrive which seems kind of slow however they do look fantastic. My daughter and I were able to install them ourselves in about an hour and a half. So stage one of her bedroom is complete and she loves her new carpet. Next she wants white shutters in her windows. That sounds like it might be pretty hard so wish me luck with that. Maybe I'll just have my hubby do it, hehe. Thanks again for all the help since I have never bought carpet before in my life. You made a stressful shopping experience quite comfortable and it turned out great. :)
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Daughter's bedroom
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Shipped Fast - Easy To Install
5/5 The Brights
Julie from Chicago, IL
Recently I had been looking for carpet tiles because a friend of mine had created a really cool rug with some. So after searching around for colors and patterns that interested me I came across this site and this product. The colors were great, I mixed the Khaki with Orange Peel for accent and it really looks great. All my friends and family love it. I also love how easy it was to install with some double-sided tape. Thanks.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Living Room
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results 1-3 of 3