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5/8" Soft Carpet Tiles

Our price
$3.79 sqft
$15.16 Tile
reg: $5.05 sqft
tile $20.21
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Average Rating 4.6/5
(22 reviews)

Almost ideal trade show floor
4/55/8" Soft Carpet Tiles
Rasmus from Copenhagen, Denmark 12/3/2009

The interlocking tiles are EASY(!) to use! Keep a hover within reach.. The floor has a fair kind of anti-fatigue function. And it's smart that it looks kind of nice as well. If you need real anti-fatigue, you should choose a 5/8" or thicker pure rubber with no carpet. We needed the good-looking as well, and for that purpose the tiles are pretty good.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Trade show
Carpet Tile Issues
2/55/8" Soft Carpet Tiles
Anonymous from Long Island, NY 9/10/2009

I was excited to get my carpet tiles and install them into my office space. The order arrived promptly and all in one box for my 10 by 10 space. Unfortunately not all the tiles were the same shade of brown, some were a bit lighter than others. I discovered this after they were installed. I am also noticing that the tiles are pilling quite a bit. I am disappointed in this product.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - home office