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Ribbed Rolls

Price from
$1.98 sqft
$14.85 Linear Foot
reg: $2.64 sqft
linear foot $19.80
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Average Rating 4.5/5
(24 reviews)

Rubber flooring
5/5Ribbed Rolls
Scott Mitchell from Fort Lauderale 1/23/2011

Great packing and shipping. I'm in a wheelchair and asked the driver to unpack it and he did and hauled away the packing. My wife put down the first half with minimal cutting and my friend did the other half with all of the cuts. It went down very easy and the finished floor was amazing. I've wanted to do it for 25 years and never found anything as nice. The floor looked horrible with multiple layers of peeled paint. We remodeled the entire house (addition, pool,remaining house, exterior, landscpaing, driveway) except for the garage floor. It looks fantastic!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Garage
blue ribbed roll
4/5Ribbed Rolls
David Pepin from Oelwein, IA 8/12/2010

Haven't used the floor a whole lot yet, but right out of the box it was the color, feel and look that I was hoping for. It looks to be heavy-duty and should last for what I intend it for. Can't give it 5 stars yet, but am hopeful it will live up to my expectations.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Garage platform
excellent product
5/5Ribbed Rolls
Little Z from Aurora, CO 3/1/2010

I bought this product to make a mat for my car to prevent the snow, slush and salt from getting all over the garage. I used furring strips and vinyl tape around the edges and it works perfectly. This is a nice, heavy duty mat that contains the mess, and is easy to clean off. Much more durable than the tarp like garage mats available.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Garage
I am not ashamed of my Garage Floor anymore
4/5Ribbed Rolls
Anonymous from Fort Lauderdale, FL 1/5/2010

Easy to lay down. Covered all imperfections on the garage floor. Looks attractive on the floor. Easy to clean.

  • Did you install it yourself - No
  • Where did you install it -