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Slate Flex Tiles

Price from
$4.00 sqft
$9.00 Tile
reg: $5.33 sqft
tile $12.00
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Average Rating 4.8/5
(37 reviews)

5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Rich Jones from Odenton, MD 2/14/2012

I just finished installing slate flex tiles in my basement craft room. Excellent flooring; very rich looking. It's absolutely beautiful. Easy to install directly on the concrete foundation. I used a rubber mallet to join the tiles together and save the thumbs. It was easy to cut with a sharp utility knife. So far we couldn't be more pleased.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Basement craft room
Looks Great!
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Jeffrey G. from Oradell, NJ 2/13/2012

Images sent in by happy customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer

My home gym with slate flex tiles. Thanks!

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Home Gym
Slate Tiles Installed In My Home Gym
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Anonymous from Oradell, NJ 2/8/2012

The tiles are excellent. Installation was easy. The colors are great. And the material is perfect for the gym area. The finished look belies how easy it was to achieve.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Home Gym
Excellent experience
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Betty Francis from Dayton, Oh 8/15/2011

I was really impressed with your company. I had originally placed my order online which was very easy to navigate. I really liked the design center and how it calculated how many tiles I needed. I received a call 2 days later telling me that one of the colors that I had ordered was no longer available. The girl I was talking to suggested a similar color which I agreed to. I then received another phone call from the same girl who told me she had walked back to the warehouse and looked at the color she had suggested and thought it was a little too light. She found another color she thought I would like better and called me with that suggestion. I received my order 2 days later and am very pleased with it. I wish I would have gotten the girls name that I talked to. I would like to say that she went that extra mile to make sure I got want I wanted, so to her THANK YOU I am a very satisfied customer.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - In a childs bedroom
Excellent product
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Anonymous from Greenwich, CT 5/7/2011

The tiles worked out very well. Shipping was on time, tile color match was perfect, and installation went very smoothly as advertised.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Shed for lawn machinery, tools, fertilizer, etc.
Difficult to Cut But Attractive/Durable
4/5Slate Flex Tiles
Mike Black 45 from Baltimore Maryland 4/12/2011

This rubber product is not very thick, but it is extremely tough to cut. I was not able to cut it using a sharp utility knife as advertised. We used a circular saw which caused the rubber to become hot and smoke while cutting. This made special cuts (angled cuts) difficult. The installed product looks great but does not offer much cushioning since it is thin and installed directly on top of the plywood floor sheets. This was installed in a small weight training room and I think a thicker material with more cushioning would be a better fit. The slate finish is handsome and the overall appearance is nice. I am eager to see how it wears and the scratch resistance ability. One thing to note, is that if you cut a tile in half, you cannot reuse the remaining half. It will not mate up with a new piece. The interlocking patterns will not match. I was almost short on materials.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - weight room
the laundry room solution
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
dave Zdanok from staten island, NY 12/22/2010

this product was an easy fix in our laundry room makeover. It installed easily oner an unsightly painted concrete floor, was easy to work with and offered the option to be taken up in the event of a water problem. I would recommend this product. My only issue was the website color ordered (olive branch) was nowhere near what I received and would consider a sample request in the future. My plan was for a 3 color floor pattern and wound up going all tuscany green which wound up fine. Customer service was prompt and return was handled well.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Laundry room
Excellent surface all around
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Christopher from San Jose, CA 11/30/2010

They took longer to lay than I expected, since virtually all the wall pieces had to be cut, as well as those around the stairs. For tricky cuts, use corrugated and make a template of the piece you need. Only after it's perfect should you then cut a tile to match. Tiles take 3-4 passes with a quality utility knife/box cutter to slice. Easy and precise. I've dropped many tools, and roughly laid down many pieces of wood - and no concrete damage. That's awesome! Also, everyone who sees the garage says "Awesome floor" or "I really like this floor" even if they've seen it before! It's the best, and really makes the space rock.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Garage woodworking workshop
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Louis Lauro from New York City, NY 8/29/2010

We're very satisfied with appearance. Initially had trouble with cutting. Used my sabre saw with fine teeth, but that was messy and time-consuming althoug the result was OK. Consulted my very knowledgeable hardware store guy who recommended a Ronan multicut tool which worked quite well. I'm not a particularly skilled handyman but I did the project anyway - a very small floor area in a bathroom which required only six tiles.Used black caulking material to fill in spaces along the edge and around the toilet bowl. That worked OK as far as appearances. Wished I'd had some simple way of making a template for the irregular edges. Also wished I'd had some marking pen to mark where the tiles should be cut. We're planning an installation in our kitchen over an existing vinyl tile floor which is level and clean. It would be real helpful to have some more specific instructions about the layout. (I know with vinyl tiles they suggest making a chalk marks at the center of the room and working out from there)

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - small bathroom
Best Flooring for Sheds
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Karen from Goleta, CA 8/3/2010

I ordered the Slate Flex Tiles for my new Tuff-Shed and installed them myself. I had looked around for other tiles in stores and on line and with the calculator online to figure how many tiles I needed was a great plus. These tiles were easy to install and it looks professional. The tiles are a great quality and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of tiling a floor.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Tuff-Shed
Flex-Tiles perfect; not just for garages
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Feather Your Nest Interiors from Lexington, KY 3/15/2010

We used the flexi tiles in an interior space used for home gym, office, and mud room-it floated over a very slippery ceramic tile floor that was a hazard. The tiles installed easily, cut with a utility knife, and look fantastic! They are expensive, but when you figure in that there are no adhesives to buy or extra materials, also the do-it-yourself labor, it isn't so much more than other flooring. The PVC is indestructible, love it!!!! This floor is perfect for basements or any interior space. Can't wait to find another client to use it!! Priced it everywhere, and Rubber Flooring Inc. gave us the best price in the country...even better than the big boxes and way more helpful.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - home gym/office/sunroom
great floor for basement
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Karla from Christiansburg, Va 2/19/2010

We installed the slate tiles in our basement. They were easy to put down and it looks great! I shopped around and rubber flooring had the best price.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Basement
slate tiles
3/5Slate Flex Tiles
Anonymous from Boston, MA 11/29/2009

Purchased the slate pattern tiles for our play basement. Turned out to be more time consuming to install than thought. Also, disappointed they are so thin and not as cushiony as thought. They do look nice though. Delivery and service from was excellent. Few tiles missing from box were shipped quickly.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Basement
Slate garage
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Anonymous from FL 10/30/2009

Quality, quantity, color, price, shipping all excellent.

  • Did you install it yourself - No
  • Where did you install it - garage
Second Great Floor
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Carol from Corsica, PA 10/26/2009

This is my second Slate Pattern floor. After being very satisfied with my kitchen floor, I ordered one for my home office. It arrived quickly as did the first one. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the ease of putting it down. I highly recommend this flooring. Both floors are in high traffic areas and I have had no problem with the tile shifting. I did use foam tape on some edge pieces that were cut to fit and didn't snap into the main floor.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Home office, entryway
Great Floor
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Carol from Corsica, PA 10/21/2009

I got Terracotta tile for in my kitchen. My daughter put it down for me one evening. It was very easy to work with and once she got the hang of cutting it, things went quickly. It looks great. It feels great to walk on. I am so pleased with it that I just placed another order for a new floor in my entryway/office.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - kitchen
Great loking product
5/5Slate Flex Tiles
Pete M. from Savannah, GA 9/23/2009

Installed in my laundry room and just ordered more for my basement. Very happy with quality and looks of product. Shipping speed and customer service was great.

  • Did you install it yourself - Yes
  • Where did you install it - Laundry Room