1" Monster Rubber Tiles

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$6.18 sqft
$24.73 tile
reg: $8.24 sqft
tile: $32.97
Proudly made in the USA

kid safe, allergen free
Ships between Mar 21 - Apr 4
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Baby Blue - 20%
Gray - 20%
Bright Red - 20%
Gold Canyon - 30%
Royal Heir - 30%
Red Knight - 30%
Inferno - 30%
Rain Forest - 30%
Orange Crush - 30%
Purple Splash - 30%
Toffee Nut - 30%
Tan - 20%
Blue Steel - 95%
Coffee Creek - 95%
Granite Peak - 95%

2' x 2' tile
Accessories for 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
1" Ramps
4" x 48"
$23.99 $31.99 Weight: 5.00lbs
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
Duracove Rubber Wall Base
2.5" x 3.2mm x 120 ln ft - Coved (with toe)
$195.99 $261.32 Weight: 25.00lbs
Covers expansion gap between the floor and the wall
Duracove Rubber Wall Base
6" x 3.2mm x 100 ln ft - Coved (with toe)
$264.99 $353.32 Weight: 50.00lbs

Description - Monster tiles offer a square cut rubber tile system that is designed to provide maximum shock absorption in a variety of designer series color options. These tiles are locked together using a dowel system so it is recommended that all customers purchase the recommended dowels in addition to their order of tiles in order to properly install the tiles. Monster rubber tiles are the thickest rubber tile solution we offer and one of the highest quality rubber gym tiles we offer. These tiles also come with a 15 year limited warranty to guarantee the quality of their construction.
Material – Monster tiles are constructed of recycled SBR rubber and virgin EPDM rubber flecks.
Size – 24" x 24" for the tiles. Border pieces are 4" x 48".
Thickness – 1 Inch
Weight – 16 Lbs per tile.
Recommended Uses – Monster tiles have been used for a variety of commercial and residential applications. Some common places where these tiles have been used successfully include, as commercial gym flooring, in power lifting weight rooms, in personal training studios, in home gym where free weights are commonly used and occasionally dropped, and in any other location where a durable, shock absorbing, commercial grade gym tile made of rubber would be beneficial.

  • Our 1” monster rubber tiles are made to order and typically ship within 4-6 weeks and deliver within 5-7 weeks depending on your location.
  • Once your rubber gym tiles ship, an email will automatically be sent to you with your tracking information.

Monster rubber tiles are easy to keep clean and are very low maintenance gym tiles. Cleaning of these rubber tiles typically consists of:
  • Vacuuming the floor tiles when necessary to remove loose or dry dirt, dust, or debris.
  • Periodically damp mop the rubber tiles with a mild soap and water solution. A couple of recommended soaps are Dawn dish detergent or Tide laundry detergent.
Note: Do not use any solvent or oil style cleaners such as Pinesol, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, WD40, paint thinner, etc. since these types of cleaners will break down the flooring over time.

For more detailed cleaning instructions and commercial cleaning instructions, Click Here.

When installing Monster tiles, there are two common methods of installation which both require the recommended dowels in order to lock the tiles together. These installation methods are as follows:

No Cut Kits:
  • First, clean your sub floor so that it is free of all dirt, dust and debris.
  • Next start in one corner of the room with two of your border beveled ramp pieces and a center tile.
  • Add border ramps and center tiles outward along the adjacent walls.
  • Add center tiles to fill the space out until you have covered the area to your desired size.
  • Lastly add border pieces to the remaining two sides of the area.
Note: Border pieces can be loose laid or adhered to the edge of the tiles.

Wall to Wall Installation:
  • First you will need to clean your sub floor so that it is free of all dust, dirt and debris.
  • Next snap a chalk line on the sub floor 24” from one wall in your room. Snap another chalk line on the sub floor 24” from an adjacent wall. You should now have a pair of perpendicular lines making an approximate 90 degree angle.
  • Begin laying the tiles along the chalk lines, locking them together as you go.
  • After the field is covered, go back and cut in tiles along the wall in the room leaving a gap roughly 1/2” wide. This will account for any expansion or contraction that may occur in extreme temperature variations.
Note: When piecing Monster tiles together, adhesives are usually not used since the weight of the locked together product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However if you do experience some movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, some double sided tape can be used around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement. In commercial gym installations, a full spread glue down method of install can be used however it is not normally required or recommended.

For printable installation instructions, please Click Here.


  • Our thickest rubber gym tile.
  • Maximum shock absorption.
  • Designer color selection.
  • Dowels for quick installation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 15 year warranty.


Monster Tiles

Rubber Rolls vs Tiles

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Customer Questions & Answers

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    I covered a 20'x20' garage floor with the monster rubber tiles -- and turned the garage into a gym. They look and work great, my big question, though, is how can I get rid of (or tone it down) the strong rubber smell. It's not too inviting to go into the gym with that smell. Any suggestions?? thanks.


    To reduce the rubber smell you get with this product, just simply mop the tiles with a mild soap and water solution and let them air dry. You may have to repeat this step more than once. This will help to mitigate the rubber smell.

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    What is the cushioning like? Is it as good as an anti-fatigue mat? I want to replace the flooring in an entire work area and get rid of trip hazard mats.


    Our 1" Monster Rubber Tiles will provide you with similar anti-fatigue properties as a standard anti-fatigue mat.

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    Can you drive on these? I want to turn 1/2 my garage into a gym, and have the other half match it. Will the weight of the car be too much?


    You can drive a car over our 1" Monster Rubber Tiles with ease. The weight of the car will not affect the tiles. The only issue you may run into is when your car is leaking oil or oil is brought onto them after driving on fresh asphalt. The oil may start to break down the tile over time.

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Customer Reviews

Perfect for teen's basement bedroom - and some
5/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Carrie Smith from Delaware, OH
I had some misgivings initially about investing in this type of flooring, but we are all utterly delighted with the end results. Our teen needed her own room, and the only place to expand was into our unfinished basement - consisting of half cellar constructed in 1891, and half block basement dug out in the 1970s with a DIY (poorly-poured, highly irregular) concrete floor. The Monster tiles were the perfect solution. Their thickness and the "feet" adapt to the irregularities in the concrete floor, and make it far more comfortable (both in terms of support and temperature) to walk on. We're also fine to handle the very mild dampness that tends to creep in across a 123-year-old cellar floor - the Monster tiles keep us high and dry! The picture shows our teen's room, but we also have an area where we put a treadmill on top of the tiled floor, and running on the treadmill is now even more comfortable.

A couple of tips that we picked up while installing ourselves:

1) Holding the tile in an arc (like a "bridge" when shuffling cards) - helps to compress the fit against the adjacent tile to allow the dowels to insert completely.

2) When that's not enough, we actually used a tire jack. We would put the jack down on its side, and then brace the base horizontally against a wall or free-floating concrete block as needed, and against a 2"x4" stood up on edge along a tile on the other. As we "raised" the jack (extending its length along the floor), the 2"x4" helped deliver the pressure equally alongside the tile, helping to compress the dowels and push the tile into place.

3) To cut tiles, we used a jigsaw with a blade intended for rough wood cuts, and a step ladder. The problem is that you can't use sawhorses to hold up tiles for cuts because of course the rubber is somewhat floppy. So, we laid a stepladder on its side and spread the feet apart enough to both stabilize the ladder, and to spread the legs about 1" apart at the top. You could then put the tile on the side of the ladder, laying it such that your cut would fall between the tops of the legs. Just run the jigsaw through, and the ladder gives you enough support to hold the tile in place while making the cuts. This method also helps you to guide your cut cleanly.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Basement
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They're Beautiful!
5/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Adam B. from Hummelstown, PA
I have finished installing my new rubber flooring with 1" Monster Tiles for our basement home gym. They are beautiful and exactly what was needed.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Basement
Was this helpful? 2 0
Wonderful product
5/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Anonymous from St. Louis, MO
Product was great, consistent color and quality throughout the 1200 sq. ft. Professionally installed; looks great; feels great on the feet!
Did you install it yourself - No
Where did you install it - Lower level
Was this helpful? 1 0
4/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Anonymous from Bala Cynwyd, PA
The tiles were perfect for our environment. Indeed blocks the vibration of dropped weights. Thanks.
Did you install it yourself - No
Where did you install it - Fitness Center Job location
Was this helpful? 1 0
Satisfied Customer
5/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Anonymous from Cleveland, OH
The tiles I had ordered came in a timely manner and were exactly what I was exptecting to recieve. I have used them in the basement to keep the cold floor from bothering my family while we use the workout and laundry areas. Very easy to put together.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - basement
Was this helpful? 1 0
Greenhouse foot warmer
5/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Steve Aegerter from Denver, CO
I bought the rubber tiles for my greenhouse to nhelp keep the floor warmer for my feet and they seem to perfectly fit the bill and they came in less than a week. A real value I'd say.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Greenhouse
Was this helpful? 1 0
5/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Anonymous from Boston, MA
Used these for a crossfit type space in my basement. Very solid, look great and give it a very finished look. These will definitely tolerate pretty a good amount of weight dropped on them without damaging the underlying concrete. Went through a lot of utility knife blades installing them.
Did you install it yourself - No
Where did you install it - Home Gym/Basement
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I love it :-)
5/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Alex J from San Diego
This tile is heavy, durable, and has very low odor. It was also easy to install. I installed it in my bedroom.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Bedroom!
Was this helpful? 0 0
5/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Don from apison, TN
i work out in fitness centers locally and nationally that use this product and I am always impressed. I've never seen a dent or impression of any kind from someone dropping weights on it and it maintains its shape always. I love the color choices and even though I haven't installed it in my new house yet I know I will love it. You'll want to make sure your floor can handle the weight, because it is heavy. I'm covering a 10 x 16 foot area and it weighs 730 lbs, without having my equipment, Dumbbells, etc. Rubber Flooring.com has a great price and the shipping speed was within the shipping window they advertised. Wish it was a little faster, but it easily arrived in time. Thanks a bunch.
Did you install it yourself - No
Where did you install it - Home gym
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So glad I purchased
5/5 1" Monster Rubber Tiles
Anonymous from Cleveland oh
Very easy to install. Just make sure you have a sharp utility knife! The tiles look beautiful. My friends and family are shocked and amazed they are rubber. I have already recommended the tiles to several people. Thus is great if you're renting and would like to redecorate without making permanent changes.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Kitchen and bathroom
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