Premium Straight Cut Mats

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4' x 6' x 3/8" thick mat
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Description - Our 4' x 6' premium straight cut mats are an excellent choice for either large scale residential or commercial users who are in the market for premium vulcanized gym mats for their rubber flooring needs. These mats are machine cut and re-vulcanized from 100% recycled tire rubber resulting in the most durable, non-porous, low odor, and longest lasting mat on the market. They can be loose laid or adhered in place using a double sided carpet tape. Premium straight cut mats are available in classic black or 4 additional popular 20% color fleck options. Our premium mats also have a smooth finish on both sides allowing them to be reversible extending the life of your purchase. If you are looking for the best combination of durability, smooth appearance, and an economically smart choice our 4'x6' Premium Straight Cut Mats are perfect for you.
Note – For smaller orders (3 mats or less) it is often advantageous to purchase our 4x6 Premium Mats as they have FedEx shipping included in the price. Straight cut mats are shipped via freight carrier which is ideal for larger size orders.
Material - Made from 100% recycled rubber tires vulcanized into premium high density mats. Color options have a 20% EPDM color fleck added to the surface.
Size - 4' x 6'
Thickness - 3/8" (10mm)
Weight - 60 lbs
Recommended Uses - Our premium 4' x 6' Premium Straight Cut Mats have been successfully used in many commercial and large residential applications. These re-vulcanized gym mats have been successfully installed in hockey arenas, school gyms, commercial weight rooms, hotel fitness areas, ski resorts, fitness centers, locker rooms, rehab facilities, pet care and agility facilities, livestock stalls, and residential home gyms. If you have a project that requires a mat with superior durability, slip resistance, smooth, non-porous surface, and an attractive appearance; our premium straight cut mats are the perfect choice.

  • Premium Straight Cut Mats are typically in stock and ready to ship. Orders ship within 7-10 business days of the order being placed. Special order colors, out of stock colors, and larger than average orders may take up to 8-10 weeks for production.
  • An email will automatically be sent to you with your tracking information as soon as your coin tiles ship and tracking information becomes available.

Our Premium Straight Cut Mats are easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance of this vulcanized rubber flooring mats typically includes:
  • Vacuuming any loose dust, dirt, or debris from the rubber surface when necessary.
  • Occasional damp mopping of the rubber mats with a mild soap and water mixture. Some soaps commonly used include Dawn dish detergent and/or Tide laundry detergent.
Note: Do not use any solvent or oil style cleaners such as Pinesol, Lysol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, WD40, paint thinner, etc. since these types of cleaners will break down the flooring over time.

For more detailed cleaning instructions and commercial cleaning instructions, Click Here.

Premium Straight Cut Mats are easy to install. Installation of these mats typically includes:
  • In wall to wall installations, mats can be loose laid and cut into place with a straight edge and a utility knife.
  • If the mats are not installed wall to wall and can move slightly we normally recommend an adhesive. Double sided carpet tape is usually all that is required to keep the mats in place however they can be adhered down with polyurethane adhesive for the most permanent of installations.


  • Non-porous, 100% recycled vulcanized rubber mats.
  • Precision cut 4' x 6' mats.
  • Standard 20% color fleck available in 5 colors.
  • Save big with 3 and 5 mat packs.
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty.

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    Do these premium 3/8" mats have the same "bounce" as the non-premium 3/4" extreme mats?


    Our Premium Straight Cut Mats are a vulcanized rubber mat which means these mats are non porous making them more dense than our 3/4" Extreme Mats. Because of this fact, our Premium Mats will not give you the same shock absorbency or "bounce" found in our Extreme Mats.

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Customer Reviews

Thank you!
5/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Anonymous from Bend Or.
I experienced a mix up with my order, Rubber Flooring Inc. went above and beyond my expectations and corrected my order. Rubber Flooring Inc. professionals were very helpful and polite and retuned my phone calls in a timely manner. The product I received is of high quality. If you are looking to purchase products from Rubber Flooring Inc. go for it you will not be disappointed.
Did you install it yourself - No
Where did you install it -
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Doggy Day Care Room
5/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Dave W. from Prospect,CT
We decided to go with rubber flooring over concrete that would be paw friendly.This product was very easy to install and looks fabulous!!!!!!
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Vetinerary Clinic
Was this helpful? 0 0
Great Look
5/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Richard from El Paso, TX
I have been looking for tile that would give my floor a unique look without breaking the bank. Virgin rubber tiles are soo expensive and plus are super hard to deal with. You can't just easily cut them with a sharp utility knife. This product was easy to install and looks awesome. I was able to create a really cool patter with the colors availble. It was also really nice that the tiles are really easy to clean. I just steam clean them once a week to keep them looking like new.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Home Gym
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Best Mat
5/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Terry from St. Louis, MO
I had bought some mats from Home Depot and after some time I realized that they were really just crap. The weren't very thick and seemed to move over time. So I decided I wasn't going to be cheap and I was going to get a floor that will last for a long time. I was told by the rep. that the best mat that they had was this product, and were they right. It did take some time to get it put in because I decided to glue the floor. But once I got it done, man did it look amazing. I've had the flooring in for a few weeks now and no movement and it is so easy to clean. Best mat by Far.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Home Gym
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Very Strong
5/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Tom from Sacramento, CA
I bought these mats and I'm glad I did. I do a lot of heavy lifting and I really wanted to get something that will protect the flooring underneath. I dropped a real heavy weight the other day and I got nervous that I might have damaged the flooring underneath. But luckily nothing was destroyed. These mats are super tough, and they look great. Great tile!
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Home Gym
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Super Easy to Clean
5/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Jason from Milwaukee, WI
These mats are so easy to clean. There are no pores in the floor which means that nothing gets caught in the floor. I have cleaned the floor with a mop, steam cleaner, and a broom. All worked extremely well and it makes my job keeping my gym clean a lot easier. Great Tile.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Gym
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Home Gym
4/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Bill from St. Paul, MN
I installed these mats in my home gym and decided to go with two different colors. I decided to adhere the flooring with double sided carpet tape, which took a while to install, but was a better solution for me than using glue. After installing the floor, it looks great. Everyone that had seen my gym is jealous and are thinking about doing the same thing in their gyms. I'm even thinking about using these tiles in other areas of my home as well.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Home Gym
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Great Product
5/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Howard from Louisville, KY
Even though this product comes in a straight cut version, it still is very nice. I did use glue to adhere it, which took some time, but it was still fairly easy compared to other floors. Also the product came to me very quickly. I am very pleased with my new floor.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Home Gym
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4/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Cory from Orlando, FL
Even though most people say don't use rubber around cars, I decided to use this in one of my garages for new new cars. I glued the flooring down, which helped to keep the flooring together with the car going in and out, which isn't often. The car looks great on the floor and it's a lot softer than the concrete and the epoxy I have in the other two garages. I'm even thinking about using it in those two.
Did you install it yourself - Yes
Where did you install it - Garage
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Commercial Gym
5/5 Premium Straight Cut Mats
Bob from Raleigh, NC
I decided to go for bold look in my new gym and I thougt this product would give me that. Even though it took some time to install the product, I have not regretted one moment. The flooring didn't have any ordor and has been really easy to maintain. The previous floor I had in there would never look clean after initally being installed. Also the colors that I chose just make a world of difference for my customers.
Did you install it yourself - No
Where did you install it - Gym
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