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DIY Network has been featured three times in two seprate shows House Crashers and Money Hunters.

House Crashers

In this episode of House Crashers by the DIY network, host Josh Temple visits a fitness fanatic who would like to transform his garage into a workout area complete with garage storage, a motorized sunscreen, coin roll garage flooring, and strong rubber tiles.

We especially love Josh's opinion about our flooring products at the 40 second mark in the video.

House Crasher Quote

Money Hunters - Suds N' Soup (Season 1, Episode 20)

In this episode of Money Hunters, a couple by the names of Melanie and Kyle attempt to completely remodel their utility room and dining room on a small budget. was able to provide some coin pattern vinyl garage flooring at rock bottom prices to help the Money hunter team achieve their goal.

House Crasher Quote Suds

Money Hunters - The Seven Grand Garage (Season 1, Episode 7)

This episode of Money Hunters features home owners Rae and Adina who aim to remodel their entire garage into a home workshop for the seemingly impossible price of $7,000. Thanks to the Money Hunters team and hosts Matt Blashaw and Deanne Bell, the feat was pulled off. The product used on this episode was's very own Grid-Loc Diamond Pattern Garage Tile. "If you left it concrete, it would just feel like a garage, with the flooring, it feels like a total workshop." – Homeowner Rae Munroe

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